Friday, July 13, 2012

Pushing Myself

After taking the Paint Your Story class (as mentioned in my previous post) I finally felt the need to break out of my box and learn to paint over backgrounds. I have always been afraid of doing that. Maybe you can relate? I'll collage and paint a background that I love, then I stop for a minute and decide what to do next. Usually, for me at least, I'll add some sort of 3D element, be it grungeboard text or shapes or even a vintage photo tape transfer. Either way I am always against painting over that background that I just created.

Since taking the PYS class and seeing the work of other artists that I admire, I decided to make the leap last week and paint over a couple of collaged backgrounds.
Let me tell you it was scary!
Panic set in, anxiety welled up in me and my first thought was "What if I mess up this great background?"
I've yet to learn that "let go, let the painting lead you" thing that more experienced artists embody.
Much to my surprise once the paint brush started moving I was okay with the process and quickly realized all the great shapes and forms that could come out of this.
Now, mind you these aren't great works of art or anything, but for me they examples of my willingness to learn something new. I know as a new artist my desire to learn and explore new techniques is with me everytime I am in my studio.

What new things are you learning in your process of becoming an artist?
What areas, not previously explored, are you utilizing in your art?


  1. Really great! I identify completely!!
    Sue Carey xx

  2. Congrats on your new blog! I have the same panic over those backgrounds. :-)

  3. Ohhh, I love this! I have been wanting to take Mindy's class. I love the way she paints and it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I would have had the same anxiety too! Thank you for vising my blog and Instagram. I love making new artsy friends. :)

  4. Hi Christi, Thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely comments! I love this background. It looks awesome painted over like that!!